Urban air mobility

Urban air mobility (UAM) is building on currently viable technology. What are planned as demonstrators today are road-mapped to provide a transformational transport solution for tomorrow, positively disrupting and liberating our personal and business worlds.

It will enable a world where people or goods can be transported around densely populated cityscapes within minutes, on demand. UAM will free up city streets and make the urban environment safer and more pleasant. Noise and air pollution will be reduced dramatically.

UAM will come in the form of air taxis and shared or owned connected commuter vehicles picking up passengers on request as part of an on-demand urban network. Vehicle interconnectivity will enable efficiency, safety and faster travel. Passengers will be able to book flights using new and existing mobile app technology, and have the nearest vehicle on-grid sent directly to their location and fully integrated with other mobility modes.

We also imagine an even better world where space becomes more fluid and plastic. Where one city that was a 6-hour journey away is now accessible in under half the time using optimised urban transport, changing from one mode to another without leaving your seat. No more RTA’s, train or flight delays to delay our journeys. Essential travel is quicker, less stressful, safer, and can be planned on the fly. Business, personal relationships and our way of life will be transformed, and ideas will flow more freely. Economically, the benefits are untapped, for society, the freedoms are unimagined.

We are bringing our proven experience and knowledge of safe flight design together with new propulsion technologies and operational infrastructure to help develop the safety case for UAM, embedding public confidence, and accelerating take-up. Active support and engagement with global air regulation will ensure that the framework for safe and effective urban flight is in place.

Prepare for future disruption to how we currently live and work in cities. UAM is not just a pipe dream, it’s fast becoming the reality that will maximise the use of vertical and horizontal airspace in our crowded cities for everyone’s benefit.