Funding for urban air mobility pioneers

CityAirbus cityscape

Airbus and leading start-up investor HAX have announced an exclusive four-month accelerator programme that will explore the future of urban air mobility. Based at HAX’s world-class premises in Shenzhen, China, the programme is open to applications from early-stage startups focused on developing technologies that address the following challenges:

• Urban air transport vehicle technology;
• Aerial sense and avoid technology;
• Airport runway and landing detection systems;
• Emergency safety technology for airborne vehicles;
• Infrastructure for airborne transport vehicles;
• Autonomous airborne vehicle technology;
• Aerial manoeuvres decision making and support systems;
• Air traffic management systems;
• Aerial collision detection and avoidance systems;
• Battery packaging and management systems for airborne vehicles.

Selected applicants will receive a minimum up-front investment of $100,000 plus technical guidance and hands-on help from both Airbus and HAX experts to turn prototypes into a reality. Similarly, business expertise will complement engineering talent to help bring these ideas to market faster and accelerate the pace at which innovative ideas are commercialised to shape the future of urban air mobility.

“Transportation in megacities needs fresh ideas to improve the way we live. We believe that adding the vertical dimension to urban mobility will improve the current congested megacity transport systems,” Airbus Urban Air Mobility General Manager Mathias Thomsen says.

“Airbus’ technical expertise and insights are a perfect complement to our capabilities,” says Duncan Turner, Managing Director at HAX.

“Innovation has always been a part of Airbus’ DNA and is crucial to keeping Airbus at the forefront of the aerospace industry,” Luo Gang, CEO of Airbus’ new innovation centre in China, says. “We are elated to launch this first call for start-ups — another tangible action demonstrating Airbus’ commitment to developing innovation projects here in China. We look forward to seeing some disruptive ideas soon.”

Applicants from around the globe are encouraged to apply now. Want to be part of it? Find out all details about the programme on the application page.