What does it mean to be truly curious? Is it a thirst for new understanding? A drive to know what’s next?

To us at Airbus, it’s all of these things. For decades we’ve been bringing curious minds together in order to build the future of flight.

Airbus XO is an extension of this philosophy, giving us the agility and responsiveness of a start-up but with the resources of an industry leading multi-national group. XO focuses on creating a productive and collaborative environment for the brightest teams of individuals. We establish and support projects that will determine the role that flight plays in the lives of everyone. We believe it will be a big one.

We’ll be utilising and developing new systems, materials and power generation and storage solutions – using demonstrators to test and roll out new technologies quickly, outside of a lab environment. Refining our projects with inputs learned in real-world situations. By working like this we believe that the way that we live, travel, and interact can be changed for the better, sooner.

What we’re building at Airbus

We’re focused on specific research and development areas that we believe are going to be the key drivers in building the future of flight.


Development of electric and hybrid-electric propulsion is one of the most promising technologies in the future of flight. Viable solutions will enable quieter and cleaner aircraft, and open up new markets and applications. To get there faster, we’re investing in dedicated research that focuses on innovative and unconventional aircraft and propulsion system concepts. Explore more.

Urban Air Mobility

Flight will fundamentally change the future model of urban transportation. Our key projects are Vahana, CityAirbus and Skyways, with demonstrator-led road maps to bring these projects and necessary infrastructure rapidly into the real world. We are also working to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of flight in cities to help shape regulations and future ATC requirements, as well as public perception, making Urban Air Mobility a reality, sooner. Explore more.

Digital Design & Manufacturing

The digital factory will make greater use of cyber-physical production systems, and automation. Augmented technologies will accelerate design, assurance and maintenance phases, resulting in faster decision-making and improved performance and productivity. In these new smart working environments real-time information enables improved communication and efficiency, bringing benefits throughout the entire product lifecycle. Explore more.

Connected Fleet & Data Analytics

By harnessing and analysing the wealth of data generated by our products, including aircraft and imaging satellites, we can deliver insights and responses that provide real value for our customers. As well as this, we’ll be using the connective capabilities of our products to deliver a new Airbus digital ecosystem that uses real-time information and will have major impacts on operations, repairs, profitability, and productivity. Explore more.

New Business Models

We are looking at changing the ways that we and our customers operate, exploring how digital technologies can improve performance, boost innovation, and become more agile. We’re envisioning new business models that will change industries, markets and customer experiences. By creating new ways of working we believe that we’ll be adding true value to our business and our customers’ businesses and, so to our creative and product output. Explore more.

Our extended innovation ecosystem

We’re using the core strengths and capabilities of Airbus, plus these key teams, to deliver our mission.


Based in Silicon Valley, A3 are tasked with defining the future of flight by identifying the next big change to disrupt our business before anyone else does. Employing world-class experts and developing fertile partnerships, they fly in the face of risk and deliver with maximum speed.

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Accelerating aerospace concepts from startups and intrapreneurs, quickly building innovative concepts into valuable and viable businesses. A hybrid model means that BizLab’s operational scope includes internal projects from Airbus employees and external startups hosted in co-working spaces in France, Germany and India.

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Airbus Ventures Logo

Airbus Ventures

Supporting inspired founders from around the world who are innovating in mobility, security, and the future of flight. Airbus Ventures operates with complete autonomy and trust, and independently serves as a valuable, efficient, and energetic backer for aerospace innovators.

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Airbus ProtoSpace

Quickly taking concepts through to working prototypes, Protospace’s aim is to be able to make almost anything and then test it, proving viability of new ideas.

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About AirbusAirbus

Airbus is a global leader in aerospace, with a large and diverse range of expertise across a number of applications including: aircraft manufacturer for civil and military aviation, helicopters, satellites and communications, defence and space (including propulsion systems for interplanetary vehicles). We are committed to breaking down industry barriers and forging cross-disciplinary partnerships to accelerate our understanding of the world we live in.