A³: pick a domain and then disrupt

A3 the future of flight

Celebrating its second anniversary, — the Silicon Valley outpost of Airbus — is already deeply involved in transforming the aerospace sector.

In this interview, A³ CEO Rodin Lyasoff talks about the projects such as Voom, its air taxi business in Brazil; Transpose, its modular approach to aircraft cabins; and Vahana, its fully autonomous, VTOL passenger and cargo vehicle that will demonstrate a full-scale prototype by the end of the year.

He also discusses the unit’s approach to airspace management and how it is looking at developing a comprehensive solution that will accommodate not just today’s aircraft but also drones and aircraft of the future. “We recognise that Urban Air Mobility is more than just a vehicle, it requires an entire ecosystem and infrastructure to support it,” he says.

Lyasoff also gives an insight into the philosophy behind A³ and how it recruits people to work on its projects: “We don’t decide what projects that we are going to do, we pick a domain that is interesting and then we try to hire who we think are the best individuals  — either from inside Airbus or from outside — and ask them what they think is the idea that will disrupt that domain.”

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